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Offer for HoReCa:

MARTMAR based in Warsaw, is an importer and distributor of food products from all over the world for HoReCa sector.

In our offer You find among others:

  • mutton from New Zealand and lamb grass-fed and grass finished
  • venison from New Zealand and Poland
  • corn-fed chicken from France
  • beef and veal from New Zealand and Poland
  • ducks, geese and their preparations from Poland
  • rabbit and hare from Poland and South America
  • seafood and fishes from places of theirs origin: Asia, Americas, New Zealand and also from Mediterranean, Aegean, North Atlantic and Pacific countries etc.

NEW! - We added assortment groups to our offer:

  • acai and others 100 % natural tropical fruit pulps from Brazil – without preservatives, no color additive
  • ice–creams and sherbets from Prawdziwe Lody company: classic, unique and exotic flavors and also a special offer for diabetes.

We are looking forward to partnership with hoteliers, restaurateurs and catering representatives!
We are able to prepare an offer customized for each client's needs.
We deliver our products throughout Poland.

Get to know our offer for HoReCa:

Offer for HoReCa: - meat, fishes, seafood   Offer for HoReCa - ice-creams, sherbets, fruit pulps


  +48 501 404 007

Purchase and delivery:
  +48 600 881 907

MARTMAR OFFER now with home delivery:

We are dedicated to servicing renowned hotels, restaurants and catering companies. However, great attention from private clients moves us to create an offer with home delivery. From now on, we invite You to savoring meat of free-range lambs. Free–ranging is a guarantee of obtaining high quality products – lamb and mutton are succulent, delicious and low fat.

In wide MARTMAR assortment You also find: Chilean salmon – popular with gourmets, sashimi tuna and octopuses, delicious elegant tiger shrimps, carabiniero shrimps, original Dutch maties – delicate, juicy herring fillets and much more.

NEW! - As a enlarging of our offer - we propose You tropical fruit pulps from Brazil – 100% natural, without preservatives and color additives. We encourage You to taste ice-creams and sherbets made according to original artisanal ice cream recipes from Prawdziwe Lody company in various flavors: classic, unique and exotic, including a special offer for diabetes.

We invite You to culinary journey:
You choose the products,
we deliver them to Your home

Get to know the home delivery offer:

MARTMAR offer with home delivery

Order with home delivery:

Purchase and delivery:
+48 728 848 107

MARTMAR - mięso, owoce morza, ryby, pulpy z owoców egzotycznych i lody z dostawą do domu
martmar food and pleasure